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Showcase the power and freedom of Galaxy S10 and a fully connected Samsung lifestyle, through an interactive brand space of immersive experiences.

experiential, brand space, tour  /  2019  
creative director, lead  /  we're magnetic
A custom designed, modular brand space activated in 10 major US cities and marquee cultural events for a total of 397 days. With over 700,000 in foot traffic, visitors experienced a customized entry tunnel made of mirrors and motiongraphics unique to each city. Inside featured infinity-style device pedestals, a 5G AR city, an interactive art experience featuring Galaxy Watch Active, a fully functioning game room highlighting gaming partners and a Fortnite lenticular, an immersive Photo Booth showcasing the S10’s light capabilities, and customer care loaded with free swag and mobile partnerships such as TMobile. 

Foot Traffic To drive continual foot-traffic over extended periods we optimized street-teams during peak days/times, trained a highly knowledgeable brand staff of brand ambassadors, and integrated gamification that rewarded returning visitors who brought friends and family. We leverage brand partnerships including SoulCycle, Athleta, and Spotify for unique activations. In additional we capitalized on cultural happenings including a live show at City Hall in Boston, local sporting events, festival moments such as Ultra Miami and DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival, and holiday such as Eastern with a family-friendly egg hunt.​​​​​​​

Each city featured a local muralist who brought their city to life through their signature style.


Each city posed a unique set of variables, most notably permitting and available footprint. The experience boasted four configurable options to provided greater opportunity to secure optimal locations. 
brand space, brick & mortar  /  2019  
creative director, strategist  /  we're magnetic